Sunday, May 9, 2010


Once again it has been a long winter and I have neglected this blog. Although I have had a few people contact me with a need for a new home for their plant, the plant hospital has not received any new guests. I hope this spring and summer will welcome new friends.

Last month, a bunch of neighbors planted cuttings, new plants, and some of the plant rescue plants made it into the ground at 21st and Bryant Street in San Francisco. It was a wonderful afternoon meeting new neighbors and having so many people stop by in appreciation of the newly formed green space. I love walking by it every day knowing I had a part in giving the plants a new home.


  1. Absolutely! I want to do the same on the large corner of Bryant and 20th sts! Good to see you blogging again; welcome spring!

    -Ronnie at

  2. Thanks Ronnie! Let me know if it works out.