Friday, March 13, 2009


The sun has been longer in the sky since the time change and the plants certainly have enjoyed the rain - but it is sure nice to have Spring upon us soon. The above plants were all abandoned by their owners. The Jade in the back by the next door neighbor and the Asparagus Fern and the succulent mix by a friend who asked me to take care of them while out of town but never came back for them. They have surely withstood the winter and look forward to meeting new friends as Plant Rescue is on a mission to save your plants!


  1. How sweet a selection of abandoned plants! Well...all except the asperagus fern...may as well burn it now before it takes over your yard and life! Keep it contained at a minimum! is hateful stuff! LOL (but not really)!!!

  2. i'll come get them one day!
    that asparagus is not like the fern as., it wont take over, just crack the pot eventually caus the bulbs will proliferate