Thursday, January 15, 2009


This String-of-Beads (senecio rowleyanus) is in need of some tender care. It has been a victim of an attack of the mealy bugs!! I took off some of the more healthy strands and submerged them in cold water. After soaking in alcohol and allowing to root for a couple of weeks this beauty should be able to begin start a new bug free life.

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  1. Hi Jaren! Thanks for coming by my blog! This is a very cool post...I do the same thing...rescuing plants! It is just so much fun!!! The one you read about on my blog was one I had been going by this one office at work to look at for about 8 months, and finally one day I had my camera with me, and when I stopped by to take a picture, the owner told me to take the plant! I said no at first, and then she insisted that if I didn't take it, she was going to throw it out because she was killing it. Oh, gosh, it was the happiest day of my life! I ended up giving the big beautiful plant to a friend who was grieving the loss of her husband, but I took the cuttings off and got one peice to it is just coming about to the point of realizing it might not be what I thought it was....very exciting!
    I will go read the rest of your blog now!
    Have a great Friday and weekend!